tailored to your period.

no one has the same period experience, that's why we offer supplements tailored to your needs.

women's well-being

alongside our breakthrough period supplements, we offer a range of products designed to compliment your day-to-day.

perimenopause, sorted

multivitamin for women aged 40+ with vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12, supporting optimal energy levels

well-being and period range

soov is a unique range of supplements designed by women to alleviate symptoms associated with your period. Our aim is to look after your well-being and ease some of those less joyful elements of your cycle. Take the quiz to see what soov can do for you?

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flow's period sachets

our sachets are designed around helping with your menstrual cycle, combining bespoke supplementation with an easy-to-use delivery system. Each box provides a 7-day boost that addresses a particular symptom experienced during or before some periods.

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