About Soov

Soov was born out of the simple desire to provide a natural option for those looking to help themselves during their menstrual cycle, Whatever phase you may be in. Whilst there are oh so many products that can help with menstruation, most that suffer the adverse effects of the menstrual cycle but want a natural remedy must often rely on wisdom passed down through generations.

We set out to develop products specifically designed around the various issues you can run into during and around your period, from bloating and sugar craving to a low mood or cramps. We hope these products can bring some relief to those that need it, or just make the monthly cycle of hormonal ups and downs a bit easier.

Picture featuring the women of the Gaiman family. (R-L): Lizzy Calcioli, owner. Shelia Gaiman, founder. Chiara Calcioli, sales executive.

About Us

Whilst Soov is new to the game, we are not. Soov was created by the experienced team at G&G Vitamins, a Sussex-based supplement company that has been at the heart of the supplement industry since its inception in 1965. We make our own supplements in our Sussex-based cleanroom, using a patented process that gives a cleaner capsule, not requiring any flow-agents or binders. Our ISO Class 8 facility is a full class above most supplement cleanrooms, and has been certified by the UK’s top regulatory bodies (MHRA and GFSI if you were wondering).