my first period

my first period

Written by: Little Miss Gen Z



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home comforts

As a fairly typical teenage girl, I have experienced my fair share of periods, but I still remember my first one and still feel lucky that it happened when I was at home. Being in a familiar environment with my mum there to help me get a handle on the situation helped to keep my calm. She was able to give me the “girl talk” and help me learn the ropes, as it was all new and so confusing. 

it was a lot to take in

I didn’t realise how much there was to know about all the various products, or that there were so many products even! I just assumed that there was one standard pad that you used, but no; you have this pad for light flow, and that pad for over the night, and another pad with secure wings, whatever that was supposed to mean.

It was a lot to take in in one go, but it would have been worse if I was out in public. Just the thought of being unprepared and lacking the essentials to handle the mess that would have followed horrifies me – or if a group of boys noticed, that would have been embarrassing! 

the period learning curve

All in all though, I was a bit excited about the whole thing. I was the last to receive my period in my group of girlfriends, and had gotten eager to “grow up”. I thought of it as my first step to becoming a woman.

It was quite a week though, and I certainly had not mastered the skill of handling it all properly like I thought I would. One day I didn’t realise my pad had gotten full and I forgot to change it, resulting in a minor leak, and another day I somehow ran out of supplies to use. Luckily, I had a jacket to tie around my waist and cover the blood stain for the first mistake, and I told a friend who happened to have a spare pad for the second. 

you're not alone

Even now I still don’t have it nailed after however many years it’s been; accidents can still occur, and I don’t believe it’s uncommon either. So, if you’re a new girl out there beginning her first cycle and you’re nervous over any incidents that may occur, you’re not alone. And it does get easier!